Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nearing the Third Anniversary

Checked this my morning and my first blog post is dated 10/19/07.

I have thought much over this blog in my recent and forced hiatus. The only choice I feel to make is getting on with this public record of thoughts.

I came near to thinking the end of the blog had truly come. I have had nothing I wanted to write about for so long. An idea would float for a brief time, then simply slip away without any action from me. I tried to unearth whether or not I had lost interest or what.

Then something unusual happened. Don't want or have the time here to explain, but it got my attention.

So here is the re-launch of the blog. I still don't have a computer, nonetheless...

Does anyone want to suggest a topic?


Terry said...

I too have taken a hiatus from blogging, not due to a lack of thoughts but perhaps more towards a lack of patience in my ability to adequately explain myself. It seems that everything runs to the complex extreme—that no matter how good I write—it is still only one of many points of view which in turn opens up more thoughts, etc.

Anyway: One topic that might be interesting to investigate would be some of the creative aspects of the communal nature of living out our Christianity. And how we achieve some sort of commitment from people to frequently participate without making "fellowship" mandatory. If you get my drift.

careyrowland said...

Sounds good.