Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boxed God, Part II

In America's Four Gods, Froese and Bader analyze and label the way Americans view God. I have experienced the labels personally. I have discussed a variety of topics with others whose perspectives were clearly based on one of these views. There are a couple of thoughts and three conclusions I would share here, but it will take a post or two after this one.

I wish you could be here to do this with me over coffee. The mountains are in full blown color, and this fall startles the eye and calms the heart with God's brilliant brush--unlike any in recent memory!

I wonder if that last statement is a view of the Father's benevolence, or if it is more influenced by seeing God as distant and known only through His creation?

Therein lies a great truth shared among those of faith. God is not reduced to one side of His character and few would try to limit God to a label. (I haven't read the book--probably won't take the time--but I suspect the authors make that point, as well. At least, I hope.) Yet, the reality is, American religion and politics does just that. People of all stripes find a corner of God in which they relate to Him and from within those limits, identify "His" (read that "their") goals for society. Thus is the preaching and politicking done. Unfortunately most often to the detriment of both the spiritual experience of faith and the failure of reaching good ends in the political realm.

What is it my mother used to tell me? "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." She probably hoped for a benevolent God but kept Him in her Distant view.

Leave your coffee cup in the sink. I have to run you off, so I can get ready for work. Part three soon, maybe tomorrow.

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careyrowland said...

A reading of the ancient tale about the blind men and the elephant can be amusing, if not instructive.