Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hallelujah!! A Resurrection Reflection

The supernatural occurs. Daily. Eternally.

If the eternal God is accepted as having entered the limits of our timed earth; if His resurrection is seen as the basis from which life in the believer springs; if we are truly hidden with Jesus in the heavenly realms as a result of His supernatural life, then our earthly existence in a natural state hardly exists in comparison to our eternal state.

The butterfly must pass through the caterpillar state, but does it bother over being just a caterpillar?


ded said...

craig v.

I have been away from my home computer for five days now and will be away for another eight.

Though I was able to read your e-mail, I have been unable to answer.
I will respond as soon as I am back home.

careyrowland said...

Awesomely glorious Hallelujah. He is (was, will forever be) risen!

craig v. said...

Thanks ded,

There's no hurry, and thanks for the resurrection meditation. He is risen indeed!