Monday, April 27, 2009

The Great I Am

Our Father delivered His name to us through Moses: the Great I Am. Jesus is called the Living Word.

I have always found it fascinating that God reveals Himself as a small, functional being verb and His Son, likewise is associated with abstractions.

God is the generative power of the universe, the central core, the connective sinew...He is all there is. Yet, He did not choose magnificent terms to speak from the burning bush to identify Himself. Instead He revealed He is the Identity of all cognition.

His Son, as the Living Word reveals the nature of human identity, which is our ability to form mental concepts and label the abstract with nouns and verbs. The words Jesus uttered and the understandings those who walked with Him delivered to us about Him are the essence of true humanity, or what we may conceive of as God's intention for His creation.

We are little I am's. We are small identities playing with the abstract reality of the power of thought. Focused on ourselves, we only identify with the death of sin from the Fall. Redeemed by Christ and born of the spirit, (at the very least an abstraction of thought foreign to all earth-bound thinking) our identity becomes tied to the source of life.

Consider self talk. Listen over all thought. What follows the "I am" statements we make or more pointedly we simply think: words of earthly, self-related logic or those in which meanings spring as pure water for life from the Identity at the center of the universe?


Steve Sensenig said...

Your last paragraph brings it home nicely. If we embrace the truth that our lives are hidden in Christ, and that it is no longer we who live, but Christ who lives in us, then we would seek to think and say "I am" statements that are only true about him, not us.

Great post!

careyrowland said...

I'm trusting God that, through Jesus, we may attain to (as you have written)...the "essence of true humanity, or what we may conceive of as God's intention for His creation."
"The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." So now we have a true role model.

ded said...


Amen! Christ lives is us! Thus we find ourselves experiencing life abundantly beyond what we might think or expect.


Amen! God knew we needed an object lesson to get it!