Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Interrupting the discussion...

I hope to have the next and last part of the current series on idolatry posted by 6/11. I am back to teaching again in the summer school session.

I did see a movie over the weekend. The Great Debaters with Denzel Washington. The whole idea of movies is deeply tied to thinking about idolatry in our lives.

Any thoughts from readers on this?


jesse said...

Little off subject but how was the movie? I was thinking of seeing that sometime.

More on subject, I think movies can play a big role in idolatry if idolatry is rooted is self-perception. I think often times what makes people enjoy movies is being able to indentify themselves with characters of a movie or dream about possibly becoming more like someone portrayed in the movie no matter how fictional the character may be. If one lets these emotions into their life and strive toward creating the emotions the movie stirred in them in their own persona I could see how that may be dangerous, or like the car let it effect their attitude of themselve.

ded said...

I thought the movie told an inspiring story.