Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook as a Model of Dynamic Christ-Abiding?

So what's wrong with asking people to post a prayer who do their "best to live a life without sin"?

James 5:16 states effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. God responds to faith. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are full of moments when Jesus notes and praises an individual's faith.

The folks I quoted from FB are seeking those who desire and purpose to live without sin as participants in a group activity of prayer. In a spiritually disconnected forum such as Facebook, there is not the opportunity to truly know anyone face to face, so how else might the faithful be gathered? (The irony of calling it "Face" book and promoting it as a place of connection is laughable, but such is the tech-saturated existence we have come to inhabit.)

Consider the words static and dynamic.

God is dynamic and being spiritually dead is static. God breathes life into us, and we can become dynamic as He. The author of the above plea on Facebook attempted to recruit dynamic believers into prayer and open posting of prayer requests. I think his phrasing did just the opposite. I'll travel this path a bit, when I have a moment at the keyboard again.


careyrowland said...

Pixels are a poor substitute for faces, but it was a nice try. Like Jesse, I'll give the brother the benefit of the doubt.

ded said...

Thanks, Carey, for commenting. I appreciate it. I have no issue with whomever wrote the request. I, as you and Jesse, understand what I think he intended. The larger meaning I think I see may be a connection too few have made. Perhaps it is even a beneficial shift in perspective.