Monday, May 18, 2009

Tech Trials Update

Just laugh:

We have
  • replaced a faulty phone jack
  • replaced bad phone wiring
  • replaced the entire box on the outside of the house that receives incoming phone wiring
  • spent hours on the phone either on hold or receiving tech instructions from the old internet provider (good-bye AT&T, nothing personal)
  • acquired a new internet provider (took a week before the technician could visit the house)
  • moved our computer and all supporting devices to a different room to employ cable service

The result?

Our daughter's lap top works fine including receiving an internet signal. Our computer works but will not connect to the internet.

Our next step will be to buy a new computer. We are not planning on doing that soon, since the state has reduced my pay for the next two months.

There is a reason for this season, also!! Sometimes we identify the time of instruction before we understand the instruction to be gained.


josiah said...


postmodern redneck said...

I can sympathize on the AT&T issue--they botched both the disconnection of our service at the old house and connection of service at our new residence last Sept.--and it took until January to get them to straighten out the disconnection on the old. The local cable provider got us hooked up in 3 days, after 3 weeks without Internet waiting for AT&T to tell us when they were going to get it together. These automated phone answering systems businesses are using are one of the worst ideas American management has ever adopted--they have no way to measure how much it is costing them in lost customer goodwill! Currently we have cable Internet and cell phones, with no AT&T land line at all.

eedavis2 said...

i am with Josiah... whew! thats alot. love you daddy! EB