Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blizzards in March

The storm started March first as rain and continued through the day on Sunday as snow.
Our largest snowfall in eleven years caped our region in deep, soft white. It is one of the reasons around here, March "roaring in like a lion" is almost expected. The blizzards of '93 and '96, 34" and 21" respectively, were both in March. This weekend's snowstorm of 12" is mild in comparison and no one is calling it the Blizzard of '09, but it has been fun nonetheless!

I know this much attention paid to so little snow in light of the Rockies or all points around the Great Lakes is a bit presumptuous on my part. But remember, we are south of the Mason-Dixon line here by several hundred miles!

Picture from the local paper online, the Watauga Democrat.

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postmodern redneck said...

Believe it or not, the whole mess went to the south of us. I did find it amusing, however, that the major "Global warming" protest planned for D.C., complete with a civil disobedience goal of shutting down the gov't power plant for the Capitol, was torpedoed by a March snowstorm that crippled air travel to the city and hampered even auto travel. God does have a sense of humor (a concept I first found, of course, in C. S. Lewis).