Sunday, September 21, 2008

They are More than the Apple of My Eye!!

I just thought I take a moment to brag on my wife. Today she turned what's not been eaten of the two bushel of apples that grew on our backyard tree (it's a young tree and this is its first year of significant fruit) into seven quarts of canned apple sauce. If you have never had home-canned apple sauce, don't even think about the stuff under the Mott's label on the grocery store shelf. That would be like comparing the Statue of Liberty to a Lego block tower.

Anna made an apple pie with homemade crust and French crumble topping. Been good eatin' round here, folks! I haven't had time to think about a next post. Maybe tomorrow.

"Yeah, Hon. I hear you!"
Gotta run. The Roman apple cake is out of the oven soon.


Steve Sensenig said...

Will there be any left Thursday??? :)

eedavis2 said...

ohhhhh daddy it sounded soooo good on the phone yesterday! I hope you enjoyed it enough to reach all the way out here to me to enjoy too :) love y'all! EV

eedavis2 said...

that should be EB not EV :)

ded said...


Better give Emma a call.
She's got your piece.

ded said...

This is for my computer expert friends to answer. Here's something unusual. On my computer at home for this post, there is one snapshot of apples on a tree. On my computer at school it shows two pictures: the apples on a tree and a shot of me with the picker and bucket next to the tree. hmmmm...

How does one post end up with two different versions? I played with which picture to use, but thought I finished with only one shot. Even if I had two by accident, how is it that there are different versions of the post?