Friday, September 5, 2008

Bridging the Narrative

The last four posts are intended to describe my context of lawlessness. When I decided a personal narrative illustrated both how I think things work best in the church and how I came to think such, I realized the topic of authority has more depth and breadth of meaning than simply how those of the ekklesia are governed. These first four posts glimpse my life before becoming part of a community of believers in Christ. For a context of the larger authority discussion, those lawless days needed a brief view.

Authority within groups of believers is the pre-quel of sorts to Jesus Christ, the living Truth reigning from His earthly throne over the hearts of all the redeemed of humanity at some point in the future. While the rebellion of man against God yet continues, so do our stories of living out Kingdom life as pockets of Jesus' authority on a planet populated by the rebellious. (I am not trying to raise a discussion of eschatology, just setting the parameters of meaning I intend to address. Though readers are invited, of course, to comment on any tangent topic any time.)

Like all of humanity, I am a lawless person. My coming under the authority of Jesus and growing up spiritually within a community of believers is next.

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