Wednesday, July 23, 2008

South Carolina bound...

Our youngest son is graduating from US Army basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC. Tomorrow is a family day on the base before the ceremony Friday. Probably won't post again until later in the weekend.

See you then.


postmodern redneck said...

Congratulations! My youngest, Caleb, is getting married a week from this Thursday. The bride's family is doing the wedding, but we've got a mad scramble to get his house ready for them to live in. Have a good trip, and I'll be thinking of you while Caleb and I are hanging drywall tomorrow!

ded said...

Thanks, Phil.

Congratulations to you, as well!

Chip said...

Amazing. I just sent Freida a note remembering 3 year old Jacob climbing all over me every time we came for home group.
Isn't it great to grow and change and go deeper and reconnect and remember and pray for one another even when you haven't seen on another in a long while? His Spirit keeps us close in spite of the miles and years. Won't it be great though? The reunion of friends in heaven?
But we'll hope to visit you sometime soon. Melody's homesick for the mountains.