Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nothing to Debate. Much to Discuss.

I ended the last post with ...

"Impossible," you say? "Unrealistic!" "I am not there, yet," followed by a friendly but rueful chuckle.

You never will be! It must and will only be accomplished as we learn to rest in the in-dwelling Presence and exchange our way for His. Oh and to make this not be hard, God allows unlimited attempts to understand abiding in Him.

I was going to take the discussion of forgiveness a little further, and I still may; however, look at the above. The first line is where we naturally are and the second is the spiritual reality we must enter.

Anything Jesus says which we qualify as a "hard" word is so only because we approach it with our natural mind and heart. All the beautiful and spiritually accomplished concepts of the NT are only made authentic by abiding in His Presence within the Holy of Holies in our heart.

There is no other issue. Do we understand how to abide in the living Presence or do we not?

I have many thoughts from here but have a limited amount of time this morning. I would be keenly interested in your thoughts, dear reader!

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