Monday, July 22, 2013

Final Post

As of this entry, there is no new content being recorded here, but if you find something in the files of interest or benefit to you, I am grateful.
Generally summarized, this blog contains topics and perspectives attempting to illustrate the following:
God the Father is not distant but within the Christian by the reality of His in-dwelling Presence, I may fully know righteousness through the work of Christ on the Cross; and I experience His deep love and express His authority through an authentic loving of others. I am comforted that this life and its injustice shall pass, and the government of Earth will rest upon the Truth and Purity of Jesus one day. In all things in the mean time, I know His Kingdom has come to Earth in my heart and share in the fruit of that wonderful state with and among my brethren fellow believers.

Applying the teachings of Jesus to life, I often referenced the Bible. My intent was not so much to teach the Bible as to illustrate a common man using the Bible. I am not a Greek or Hebrew scholar nor a trained seminarian, and that is the point. A person may reach for and read the Bible with confidence that guidance for both every day living and the deep Truth of the eternal Lord Jesus may be found.

As an aid to the reader, when I have referenced a scripture the words are highlighted as a link to There, the full context may be read (started July 08; older posts lack this feature). The Crosswalk link used has an option to highlight the text with key words linked to a Greek lexicon entry. Very handy for getting to the root of the matter.

A biographical series which focuses on church authority is here.

May the Truth of Jesus ever bring you comfort and guidance for living!