Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday, a New Year's Eve

In thinking of another year...what's it hold?
All in all He is enough.
Thankful 2011 finishes and our family is healthy.
Hope in Jesus' finished work is a continual state.

In-Dwelling by Holy Spirit -- a real time streaming--
a continual lesson in peace and contentment,
The power of heaven's love is a goodness beyond all man's wisdoms.

Have I had an obstacle in my soul?
It's a burden cast on Him

Embrace spirit...there is no better hug!

Eyes upward into the grace of the Father,
by an act of will, I choose His righteous leading,
He holds my family and me,
Come 2012, Come Lord Jesus!


Manturity said...

Happy New Years!

Kelline said...

I've walked with God for years. Served in a church body. Led many to Christ. Unfortunately, I began attending a church that is dead. Void. The spirit of Ichabod rests upon this little church. They've failed me in that I wasn't held up by my church family. I've missed a whole month of services and I know that it's not good for me. But I can't go back and I can't move forward. Could it be possible that God is about to do a new thing in my life? How do I remain like this? I'm reclusive which means just getting up and going to a new church is like pulling teeth. I struggle. I pray. Will you pray for me too? Somebody has to if my own church family isn't. If they were, I'd feel the power of the Lord over me. I feel alone.:-(

ded said...


Of course, I will pray you.

May I say, church is where you find it, and the new thing the Lord will do is lead you to find it. I believe strongly that time spent with believers who share your love for Jesus is important. However, time spent with folks who allow the surface and traditional ways of relating to suffice for the love of family is nothing to be missed.

You are not alone. Jesus has not forsaken you, and the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit is with you always.

You are formed in Christ in His Spirit. Your soul is lonely but your spirit is not. Be at peace and be willing to wait for God to lead you.

Know He will complete His work in you...He has so stated His commitment to you. Let go of your anxieties. These are not of the Spirit of Christ.

Is there even one other who could meet with you to lift up Jesus? A coffee shop where two share Christ in spirit and depth is more invigorating to the spiritual life than two hundred in a stained glass sanctuary who keep to empty forms. Jesus' name is lifted in both settings, and I do not condemn the latter. However, if you know enough of love to have a willingness to search for more, don't assume what God has put in your heart will be found in another traditional setting down the road.

Debbie said...

Thanks ded,
I appreciate your reminder of our Lords love, provision and even soonn return! Your words are a blessing. Hang in there Kelline, he is right.
Thank you brother!