Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reflections on John 12

The events of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as told by John begin in chapter 12. Jesus is anointed by Mary, ostensibly for His burial. Then an interesting event occurs, and we have the opportunity to examine a revelation by God and some core words of Jesus as experienced and reacted upon by three different types of people: Pharisees, Greeks, and the crowds. As readers after the fact, we have the opportunity ourselves react to Jesus.

I'll share some observations over the chapter in the next few posts. Take some time to read the chapter and think it through. We can benefit from sharing our thoughts together.


Anonymous said...

Peace and mercy of God
My dear friend
I would like to participate in simple words

I am a Muslim - I have full faith that the great Messenger of Christ
But I do not believe that the Son of God
Or that God Incarnate

In the story of Christ on the Cross
There are lots of differences
That allowed me to talk about this later

Many of the men who wrote the Bible anonymous
And the interpretation of the Bible recognized that

I have full faith that there is one God in heaven
This is the God who created everything
And who sent Moses and Jesus and Mohammed

I await your visit to my blog

Muslim man loves you

ded said...

Kind of you to speak so warmly, sir.

Obviously, I cannot accept your witness for Mohammed. This Christian man loves you, as well.

careyrowland said...

We will sort all this out some day, perhaps not on this earth.
May the peace and mercy of Jesus, whose wounds were suffered because men cannot make peace with God nor with one another, be upon you.
The tomb of Jesus is empty because he is risen. Where is Mohammed now?

careyrowland said...

Crowds: Jubilation
Greeks: Curiosity
Pharisees: Don't rock the boat
Muslims: Messiah's work insufficient, needed completion by later Mohammedan input.
Me and my house: Jesus is Lord!

Anonymous said...

Mr. careyrowland
We Muslims believe that Muhammad (peace be upon him) a great prophet
Do not believe that God
Noah - Abraham - Moses
All great prophets
Married and gave birth to children
And they have a very great message
And then died when their lives ended
And buried in the ground
Mohammed also

Because Muslims believe in one God forever
Does not die - or be crucified

I hope that I understood my faith
Thank you

ded said...

Dear Gamal Abdel,

You are welcome here. You are welcome to make comments.

In truth, your faith and my faith are NOT the same. You will always want to lift up Mohammed as the most important prophet of God. I will only give honor and glory to Jesus. He alone is the first-born on earth of those who live in and by the grace and mercy of the Presence of God on earth.

You should see me as an infidel in your faith. I will never bow my head or bend my knee to any honor given to your prophet.

Again you are welcome here. However if your goal is to convert me to Islam, you will never achieve your goal.

I believe we can agree to disagree and experience a valid exchange of thought between us simply as two men on the earth. I hold out to you an open heart.

I speak this not as a challenge to you. It is important I make clear to you what my side of any conversation about the identity of God will always be. I commit I will give your words here the respect I offer you as a man. I do not expect you to honor the Lord Jesus in order to receive this respect.

I would like the same respect from you even as I speak openly: I will never profess any faith other than my God lives on earth now. He will one day rule the earth from His throne in Jerusalem. His name is Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend did

Thank you for your respect for me
I also respect you

Our differences in faith does not lead to war!
God teaches us in the Qur'an
He says he will remain until the Day of Judgement people different

I f you believe that there is a creator god and great

Hindus worship the cow in India
They say she was the mother of God
This does not prevent a Muslim to cooperate with them in good
As brothers in humanity
Did you know that there are about 200 million Muslims in India??

The difference between us
I respect a great apostle of Christ, not God

Thank you again
And I hope you accept my friendship

ded said...

Gamal Abdel, your offer of friendship is accepted. Thank you.

careyrowland said...

"Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord."
Hebrews 12:14

"If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men."
Romans 12:18

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