Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy, busy time of year...
just normal but a maddening pace.
Working on the set for the spring musical,
still grading papers and can't move any of these grades to the next grading period--there is none! Extra meetings, extra paper work, extra chores every where I look.

Spring's a poppin', grass is growin' and many woody shrubs need trimmin'--
friend gave me bulbs to plant and these ain't planted yet
worked veggie beds have no plants yet either

tree down in the yard
most of the branches cut, the trunk waits for some of my attention, too
you, Dear Reader, remain neglected
while I stab at a thousand other things around me to do

and, "Yes," sometimes I sit and pray and meditate on the goodness, wonder, beauty, holiness...
the pure depths of the Father

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postmodern redneck said...

I figured this was a hectic time for you...we've got similar problems, including too much outside work and too much rainy weather. Planting? Our garden has been too wet to till...and we had a frost last week (and hit 90 today!)