Saturday, July 17, 2010


Overcoming sin, simply means developing faith.

Faith is a substantive intellectual and emotional state, in which a person deeply believes in communion with the unseen Creator of the universe. There is no mystery here. His name as a human being is Jesus Christ.

Faith is an act of willingly, willfully receiving all God gives.

Faith is the response of a human which brings the supernatural reality of the Kingdom of God to the Earth, one little human at a time.

I believe healthy believer groups assist individuals in two ways to develop faith:
  • uphold an ever sharpened view and sense of the holiness of God
  • uphold the believer with huge depths of compassion and patience.


careyrowland said...

This is proving to be true in spite of the deck being stacked against us in this present arrangement of things.

Craig V. said...

I would add His mercy and goodness to the empahasis on His holiness. We need to be bathed in all three.

ded said...

carey, your comment is oblique. I'm not sure I get your gist.

Craig V., your name tag in the comments made me smile. I had decided that His holiness is all the attributes of God, powerfully composite. In the context of sin, we sinners need His mercy and goodness to take on legs, hands, eyes, etc in the compassion of those with whom we walk.

As always, your comment fills my need for completed blanks.

ded said...

Carey, I thought about it more. Would you elaborate on what you're thinking. If you are speaking of what I think you're are, then it is really important to understanding overcoming sin through faith.

careyrowland said...

I'm not sure what I was thinking...must have been a subjective response to something that was going on at the time.
I do know this, though: the longer we walk in the fellowship of his Spirit and his people, the more power we have to ignore the evil.
Somehow I think that getting old is part of his plan to get each of us slowed to a sanctified stroll instead of a youthful strut.