Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fifty-cent Philosophy

Discovered a new author/philosopher. Actually he's been dead since 1965 and just "new" to me. Apparently, I have been in the dark a bit. The back of the book said he has been widely known among baby-boomers.

How did I miss him?

I was enjoying the time of rummaging through rummage sales on Saturday with my wife. I check out used books, any covey of man-junk to be flushed out and the occasional baked goods at these community encounters. Found a book on managing classrooms based on being loving. Brand new book essentially, as it has only been read by one person (original owner was the seller). At the next and last sale, I found the Martin Buber book, I and Thou. Both books were only fifty cents! Gotta love a good bargain.

Went to the car and read, while my wife went back for the half-price sale at noon in the warehouse sized National Guard Armory. Inside of three pages with the Buber book, two things happened. I read one sentence six times and am still not sure what Buber meant by an allusion he used. Second, I was fascinated.

Anyway, if you've come looking for the post I planned on homosexuality. I am still pondering how to say what I want to say. I am also reading a lot currently.


postmodern redneck said...

There are a lot worse things to do than reading. And it's always great to find someone new to learn from.

ded said...

I don't really do enough reading.

The one who needs You said...

And that sentence you read 6x??? Are you just gonna leave us hanging?