Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For a period of several months I have had a personal goal to post once a week on the blog. Then I started losing my motivation, then I determined my perspective on posting needed to change, then is now.

Now I state, I will only post sporadically. There is a reason. Also for several months, I have been thinking about starting a masters program. I have looked at several and considered multiple angles for this pursuit. In the end, however, I have decided instead to give my extra time to writing a book. I did this once in the '90's but the effort never enjoyed publication. I have decided I want to try again. (I am also working with a brother on another book project, but that is currently not in a high mode of priority.)

So...I will still post some here, but not even as often as once a week.


craig v. said...

That sounds like a wise decision. I look forward to your book. Thanks for all the good content you provide. Don't let your goals become laws.

ded said...

You are such an encouraging brother! This morning I realized that my only regret of less posting is that my contact with you would diminish. I guess it just means more personal contact through e-mail, which is a good thing!

The book may sound very similar to the blog, so inviting you to proof might be a boring task. ;^)

Hidden In Christ said...

I have followed your blog faithfully for the last 2 years, having found it through another blog that I used to read frequently.

Just wanted you to know that what you share on here has helped me in my walk with God, and has many times encouraged me at just the right moment.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts and lessons. I wish you every success with your book.

God bless and keep you.