Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I believe there is a tremendous unity in the Body of Christ, the many divisions of practice and emphasis notwithstanding.

It is really very simple. There are those who are learning the way of living life in His righteousness. These folks either know or are knowing through learning the way of Christ in the spirit and a divine view of righteousness flowing only from Jesus Christ. Such a state supplies and guides the soul with all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Then there are those who are simply seeking to establish righteousness through their own effort of choice to abide by law. The use of spiritual terms and scripture are espoused in elaborate constructs of righteousness matrices, but these hearts trust not the in-dwelling Presence through the Holy Spirit.

Unity occurs among the former group; posturing and strife are the hallmarks of the latter. Many will think this simplistic, and point to places where there is mixture of both trusting Christ within and self-trust. For this reason, I think, Peter told those who heard his call to faith, "walk out your salvation with fear and trembling." Practicing the Presence is not something automatic but a function of our exercise of faith. There is a learning curve, if you will allow.

Accepting none of us is perfect in trusting Him in all things all the time--for such confession and forgivenness exist--the question reduces to what do we embrace, Jesus Christ or our human understanding?


craig v. said...

Thanks for the insights ded,

As you know, I think a lot about unity and am concerned that there is so much in fighting amongst those of us who name Jesus as our Savior. I have found, like you, that there's more unity than there might appear to be. On a hostile mission field many of the things we fight about here seem unimportant.

ded said...

Thanks for commenting, Craig. I think you may be the most faithful reader of the blog.

James tells us that if we are involved in a quarrel, it is because we cannot obtain what we want. Certainly this is true, and why a hostile environment reduces quarrels. When necessity overrides wants, there is nothing to gain through argument.

If we are living for Him instead of ourselves, it is profitable to release what we want, because we trust He will accomplish His will, which we know will be the best.

postmodern redneck said...

I am reminded of a passage toward the end of "Mere Christianity" where Lewis commented that those who were closest to the center of their denomination or faith group often had more in common and got along better with each other than with those who were at the edges. (I know, I should look it up, but I'm tired; I also have a cut on the tip of my right index finger that is making typing difficult) Over the years I have met people who were Christians first and then Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Church or Christ or whatever; but too many are Catholic, Baptist,etc. first and Christians second.

ded said...

postmodern redneck (gotta love that monicker!)

That is a great insight! Thanks for sharing your remembrance of Lewis's words. (Hope your finger is healing well!)

Your insight of folks who put God above and before, thus are Christians first tend toward being representatives of the Spirit of Christ is a good one.