Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So What?

If society as we know it collapses, so what?

We ought ot understand and be comfortable meeting in our homes.


craig v. said...

If, that is, we still have homes. What makes thinking about such a collapse difficult is that our whole world changes. We can't really prepare for it because we don't know in advance what will stand and what will be destroyed. It's a great reminder of our need for the Lord and for each other.

ded said...

Some may have and some may not have homes. We may find ourselves living almost communally in full remembrance of an Acts mentality that among the brethren no one knew any lack.

postmodern redneck said...

I don't believe the darkest of the doomsayers, but I certainly don't believe the gov't's rosy projections. The housing bust was bound to come anyway as the Boomers aged, but meddling has turned what might have been a slow decline into an abrupt collapse.

Our best hope is that this situation will clear the cobwebs for some and turn people back to God--not just to their church systems. But that isn't guaranteed either; read Jeremiah!

Bottom line: put your trust in God alone. He may teach us how little we really have to have to survive, but He will not forsake us if we abide in Him.

ded said...

Amen, postmodern redneck!!