Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Curious

What are some of your best times of fellowship and why?


craig v. said...

The first that comes to mind is when our college group worked at a Mexican orphanage. I thought then, and still think, that we have a better sense of what we have in common in Christ when we work together for a concrete good.

ded said...

Thanks for your contribution, craig v. It is true as you describe, that in joining hands to do a good work something is shared among us that is not known any other way.

Josiah said...

Some times in college where life felt truly shared with others in worhsip, the gospel, and many meals.
Also I particularly remeber worshiping at your house one day when Ian was playing and I was just relaxing and singing to the Lord. A new song would start in my heart a few minutes later Ian would start that song. This happened with song after song after song. I felt very connected to what the Spirit was doing in worship. Then Jacob had a vision in which he expressed that God was more awesome than he had suspected.

jesse said...

My best times have been more on a personal level then in a group setting. I have enjoyed many private conversations with individual friends, where ideas, thoughts, troubles were shared and we prayed together over. I also have enjoyed many encouraging nights with family conversation and observation. It just seems to me once someone is comfortable enough with me to really share their life and perspective is when I have the most fruitful time. Although another time that comes to mind is along the lines of craig v when I served together with a larger group friends locally organizing a warehouse for a local mission that gives away food to needy families. This non profit organization was being audited and needed every item in the warehouse counted in lbs. and boxed. We moved 30,000lbs of food that day and we all felt a common unity as we worked together in our community.

ded said...

Josiah and Jesse,

Thanks for your comments. I think it helps draw the picture that fellowship between believers is a varied experience and goes beyond the boundaries of prescribed behaviors.

I enjoyed hearing from you both!