Friday, January 16, 2009

...will write soon

I appreciate all those who check here daily, often over a week's time, or just occasionally. Thanks to you all. The past two weeks have been out of sync dictating other uses of my time and focus than posting here.

My seven week old grandson spent two nights in the hospital and a cold with recurring headache has hampered me. When I'm not doing chores or helping with the baby, I've been sleeping. (Well, I did just sit around watching All the President's Men from the 70's with Hoffman and Redford on Tuesday afternoon. I could have written then instead, but didn't.)

I plan on a post over the weekend. Check back next week!

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Jimazing said...

Google Reader makes it easy to check to see if you have written. I understand what you mean about other forces dictating our priorities. No pressure! I pray that all is well with the grandson.