Friday, August 29, 2008

Graceland Christian Fellowship

Today begins a series on authority within a body of believers.

The thoughts I have on this topic are formed from three sources. First, my own church experiences. These are a denominational church from age 13 until my graduation from high school, an organized church for 18 years best labeled charismatic, and the gatherings of believers in homes. Second, my reading of Christian compostion on authority and exegesis from scripture on the topic. Third, thinking it over.

I am going to take a memoirist approach. (Thanks, Chip, for the idea!) I will relate real events and how I reacted within a loosely remembered construct. Details of the real people are not necessary as none of this is a record of others, but a story of my journey.

Graceland Christian Fellowship is a fictitious name representing 18 years in a charismatic church.


Craig V. said...

I look forward to reading these. I agree that Chip's suggestion is a good one.

ded said...

Hi craig v. thanks again for your participation here!

Well, he didn't exactly suggest it. He posted a video series, a memoir of sorts, of his life in church. I borrowed his idea as a vehicle for saying some things on my mind.

Micah Rowland said...

I look forward to reading, too!

ded said...

Hey Micah!

It was neat to see your name in my e-mail this morning. I was wondering who my Singapore visitor was. Thanks for reading.