Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've had the notion today to stop blogging. I was going to delete the blog, but accepted the advice of some others not to do so. Blogging is not working well into my schedule.

That said, if you have read here, thanks!! Spirit in the Wild Wood will be dormant for the time being while I do my job teaching kids.

I have an idea for Father's Day -- check back then.
Take care and walk in the love of Jesus Christ. He is worthy!!


Alan Knox said...


I will miss reading your posts and the discussion in your comments. I understand your decision.

May I suggest that you leave your blog online - do not delete it. Not only will others be allowed to read your posts and the comments, but it will keep a spammer from stealing your blog and hijacking other blogs.

I hope you continue to comment on blogs. Your voice has been helpful for me.


Josiah said...

Well I will miss reading them. Although I try and post some I think I have read all that you have written and enjoy the opportunity.

Heather said...

You will be missed! I understand the too little time thing all too well! Maybe another time in life?? You certainly have a lot to put out there for all to read. Thanks for the journey!

Craig V. said...

I'll miss Spirit in the Wild Wood though I understand the schedule problems. Thanks for the time and thought you gave so freely.

Jimazing said...

I understand... I will miss your blogs. I haven't read you (nor much of anything else) in a couple of weeks, so it is disappointing to return and find a goodbye :(

Like Alan, I encourage you to leave the blog in place. Whether you ever return to it, your words have great value!

Bless you,

ded said...

Thanks Alan, Josiah, Heather, Craig and Jim, for your kind words.
As per Alan's and Jim's advice not to delete it, I will leave it online. Maybe in the summer.

I had an idea for Father's Day...

jesse said...

I only commented a few times but I ready every one of your blogs and was encouraged by many of them.

George said...

Yours is a useful, discipling ministry that will be missed while you attend to your other ministries. I appreciate the wisdom and insights you passed along.

Hope to see you return at Father's Day -- I'm marking my calendar now.


Kim's Hotrod said...


Like everyone else here, I understand. I've been dealing with many things here and your writings have been like the voice in the wilderness. I so appreciate your wisdom and perspective. You challenge me to look at things at a deeper level, to use the organ between my ears to understand what God has given us in His word, to not allow traditions to dictate God's plan and purpose for us both individually and communally.

Thanks for these, David. I guess I'll just have to move back to Boone to be able to fellowship with you.

Terry said...

When you have said what it is that you have wanted to say...then it is time to say that and do whatever it is you need to do.

I would venture to guess that a lot of what you have worked on in your life for the past ten years or so has been fleshed out for us to see and be inspired by.

That, in and of itself, is not a bad ride.

I am sure there will be other thoughts that will begin to blossom in that active mind of yours and when they need a place to be planted you will know where to go.

ded said...

Jesse, George, Rod and Terry,

Thanks to you all, as well, for being readers! I appreciate your encouragement very much. If anything you or anyone else found something valuable here, may the Holy Spirit be praised!

Steve Sensenig said...

Well, I was disappointed to find this out from you last night. Good thing I was honest about being behind on reading your blog, huh? ;)

But seriously, I understand your decision, and hope that you will be able to return to it someday soon.

I'm just grateful to have in-person fellowship with you much more frequently. Thank you for being my brother!!

Earl said...

I'm glad you're keep the blog up. I know how difficult it is to post on a blog. It can take up too much time needed in other areas. I have only recently started reading your blog and I enjoy it and look forward to reading the past entries.