Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pile on the Fodder (as in raw material to create with)

Roll up the sleeves and get down to the grunt work. Loving God is about what...exactly?

Your thoughts?

I know mine.


Alan Knox said...

I guess its a good thing that God loves the fodder-less.


Kim's Hotrod said...

I used to think it meant something about me doing some task for God. You know, proving my love for God by what I did (or didn't) do. I'm beginning to think that it's something totally different. That maybe loving God is accomplished by loving each other, especially those whom we least want to love.

For example, there is a man at our church who is HIV+. He has some mental issues as well. He is ALWAYS in need - I think you know the type. I've tried hard at times to reach out to him despite his situation and personality. Other times I've purposely avoided him - how Christlike! But it's in those times when I selflessly reach out that my love for God is most evident. I don't share this to say, "Look at the good things I do". There are PLENTY of times when my love and devotion are weighed and found wanting. Seriously lacking, in fact.


Steve Sensenig said...

I'm almost ashamed to say that I even know Alan Knox after that awful groaner.

(Or, to put it another way, I wish I had thought of that first!!)

But to answer your question, I'm not entirely sure I have any coherent thoughts on what loving God is about. Except to say that I think it's all about response to his love for us. "We love him because he first loved us." To me, it's allowing his life to be lived through me out of sheer gratitude for the fact that I even have the opportunity to let him live through me!

I'll be curious to see what you have to offer when you reveal your thoughts, though.

Alan Knox said...

(I apologize for causing Steve to envy...)


This is an excellent question, and I'm not satisfied with any of the answers that I've come up with. There are certainly many evidences of our love of God: devotion toward God, feelings toward God, doing things for others, caring for things that God cares about, etc. But I don't think these are the essence or nature of love. Like Steve, I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.


Jesse said...

For me it is pretty simple, yet hard to express. I think loving God is simply loving without fear of rejection, like is illustrated to us by a small child loving their parents. Small Children love unconditionally because they have not yet experianced the fallacies of man, by the time a young child passes to adulthood it is impossible to love without fear or loving unconditionally because at some point someone has taken that love for granted, rejected it, or used for their benefit. This leaves a fearful or hurt heart whether one is conscious of it or not. To love God in the same way one has to learn to accept God's love for us through the cross and have faith he will not abuse( for lack of a better term)our love. I believe if you can learn or experiance loving God without fear of rejection then we will begin to experiance the Love that Jesus showed us when he died on the cross. That is my initial response anyway, I am looking forward to hearing your thought as well.

Josiah said...

Loving God is... my immidiate thought was prayer. But funny thing is with prayer as any Godward discipline can be rich and vibrant or clanging gongs and worthless sacrifice. So loving God is response to his love thus if you love me obey.
Loving God is incredibly manifold and can be expressed in any type of relationship. So I take the marital advice of an aunt who says to always keep it fresh and apply it to both this post and the last.
God's spirit moves revival happens people are passionate then times change churches struggle to be more than greying hair. Why? The church devolves into the efficiency and safety we can control through institution. But if we keep our relationship freshly obedient...grey heads will pour wisdom upon fresh moves of the spirit.

ded said...

alan, jesse, josiah, kim's hotrod, and steve, thanks for your comments. I am writing a post which incorporates your thoughts.
That's why I invited "fodder".

alan, you are quite right, God loves even those who are fodder-less.

All, I should have a post up by Sunday morning.