Thursday, November 29, 2007

an aside...

I am not sure how many regular readers I have at this point besides my kids, but this is to you whomever you are. I visited the computer this morning and reread my last post written in the evening before going to bed. I disliked it so much, I felt to delete it. I edited a few things and let it remain. The end of the day tends to be my most vulnerable time to bad attitudes. I know this about me. I might have exercised some discretion by leaving the post in draft form and looking it over after a good night's sleep! Hindsight is ...well, you know the cliche.

This morning, what I wrote last night appears cynical and lacks the life which springs from having a non-condemning spirit. I left the piece and draw attention to my failing in the interests of developing an honest, personal expression about myself with you, since that is what a blog is--personal.

I hope you will bear with me while I discover my voice and develop my skills as a blogger.


Terry Henry said...

You really do move in a fast paced world DED. It took me several months to ask the same question. My conclusion as to why I blog is mostly this: I enjoy the creative aspect of it...without that outlet I would not have been able to work through some of the stuff that needed it.

I appreciate response and look for it but have found that I continue even though I don't get as many "comments" as I once did although readership seems to be up.

I have only not posted 2 or 3 entries and these were written out of shear frustration and the people involved were not pictured in a good light.

As a follow up I must say that your posts are quite deep and certainly require more of the reader than mine do. You began deep and continue to go deep. This, in and of itself, will limit interaction. There are times that I might have commented but it seems a little difficult to wrap my head around all the stuff I could say.

As George Whitefield said:

I cannot pray but I sin. I cannot preach to you or any others but I sin. I can do nothing without sin; and, as one expresses it, my repentance wants to be repented of, and my tears to be washed in the precious blood of my dear Redeemer. Our best duties are as so many splendid sins.

Otherwise, keep on trucking or riding or writing.

Craig V. said...

My view of the ideal blog would be a virtual symposium, similar to what we see in Plato's dialogs. There would be a joy in conversation and in exploring ideas. Ideas would not be seen as mere abstractions but as truths to live by. There would also be a strong awareness of the value of being in each other's company. Why do I pick a pagan model for a Christian blog? Because I fear that we as Christians are in danger of losing the ability to truly talk with each other and to enjoy each other's company. That would be a tremendously sad loss, so much so, that we should learn all we can from the ancient Greeks.

Of course, it's not right of me to expect any blog to reach or even aim for my ideal. Your blog is your blog. I do, however, enjoy your virtual company (as well as that of the others who post) and that's why I'm here.

postmodern redneck said...

I wonder why I'm writing sometimes, too. And I went through a dry spell where the "cares of this world" had me bogged down enough that I went for quite a while without posting anything on my blog. I do have a sense that it's something I'm supposed to do, and I do enjoy it. But sometimes I am just too tired to get anything together. Looking back, some of the comments I've put on Steve's blog were probably done too late at night for me to be writing.
btw, thanks for reading my scribblings and commenting. As you probably noticed, I don't get too many comments.

ded said...


I thought about the creative side and that appeals to me as well. There is an outlet here. However, I can't escape that each post is immediately for an audience, limited as that may be. A journal is in a drawer and remains largely private. At first, I thought I was comfortable with that aspect of blogging. Now a month in, I am unsure!

I don't intend to be deep. I think that happens because the topic that grabs my attention all the time personally is God. It is hard to attempt to put anything about Him into words that doesn't stir a deep chord. I find your blog "deep" often. Somehow you manage a warmer take on it than me, I think.


The idea of an ideal blog is not something I have given much thought to, but I clearly hear your desire for real conversation to develop between folks. I enjoy your virtual company as well. This is an aspect of blogging that continues to stir me.

postmodern redneck,

I find your posts to be rich feeding. Ever since I saw your screen name, I have been a fan!!Maybe its my Georgia red clay stain that has never left the bottom of my feet; I 'm not sure.

Steve Sensenig said...

Well, I must say that after begging you for so long to start blogging, and then telling my readers to come over here, I have totally dropped the ball on keeping up with your writing and joining in the conversation.

It's definitely nothing personal. There are hundreds of unread posts in my blog reader that I keep desperately trying to catch up on!

But I do hope to get to be more of a regular reader/commenter. I tend to sometimes just read through what I can skim. Your writing (and I mean this as a compliment) is not "skimmable". It's heart stuff and thought-provoking stuff. I need to be reading that in addition to the stuff I skim. But I need to reprioritize my blog reading time in order to do that.

I hope to do that very soon, my dear brother!

steve :)

jesse said...

I find your blogs stirring, although sometimes beyond that of my spiritual understanding,they insight me to do more of my own digging. I get great joy reading your posts and trying to understand what is happening in your own heart, and feel no matter how large or small the audience, sharing your spiritual knowledge is fruitful. I would not be to critical of yourself and just post whatever you feel to post,as you never know when you will move another individial into a different state of thinking that will assist them in learning something new from the spirit.

Terry Henry said...

Steve's right: there are seasons of participation and awareness. It is so hard to keep up with the very things that we are interested in before another week has gone by and we are further behind.

Ben said...

Blogging is a strange thing. If you edit yourself too much, you end up dulling the edge. Your writing loses it's soul.

At the same time, too much raw edge can come off as vitriolic and bitter. Not to mention offensive to Jesus... I struggle over this whenever I write about something that I'm passionate about. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I don't.

I suppose it's like everything else in the Christian life. As Christ works more humility into my heart, I find more balance not just in what I say, but how I say it.

My passions actually get stronger, yet somehow I find it easier to communicate the passion without being repugnant.

Having my wife more involved in my blog has been helpful too... Kind of like your wife discreetly tapping you leg to let you know you are talking too much and didn't realize it...

I, too, read you daily from my feed reader. Keep up the good work! I enjoy it and glean much from your writing, even though I don't comment often.

For what it's worth, I enjoyed your post! What does that say about me? ;-)

George said...

Yeah, it's hard to keep up with everything. Yours is on my (very) short list, but it's been a week since I last read your blog! Amazing how the time flies when I waste it!

Why do you write? To disciple me, and others. And you do a good job of it.

Now I gotta hang Christmas lights, before I book a flight, before I watch football, before I buy a gift for tomorrow's party.

ded said...

Hey!! What fun to see your name in the comments list. You need apologize for nothing. Everybody has "a life" as it is said, and yours is plenty full, I know. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Thanks for the encouragement, son.
You are exactly right in this statement, "...just post whatever you feel to post,as you never know when you will move another individial into a different state of thinking that will assist them in learning something new from the spirit." This is what trusting the spirit is all about. You are a blessing.

Blog world meet my second son, Jesse!

Thanks, Ben, I read you almost daily as well. You are so right about the development of humility being key to so much we do, including blogging.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I have always enjoyed your comments on other blogs...assuming I have the "right" George! I think so.

The Whitefield quote is great. Thanks for posting over here.