Monday, October 22, 2007

doctrine and opinion in the Wild Wood

The Wild Wood is a metaphor for the world around us. Not the majestic and sometimes threatening physical world, but the fragmented, ponderous and very dangerous social world created by humans. Spirit refers to what we sense is the spiritual framework running like blood and air through the society. Society is at once both a material reality and a function of our imaginations. Within this social milieu historically and presently, Christians have had so very little understanding that we've killed one another while claiming we are the representatives of the same Spirit. I can really pontificate on this one, but I will spare you that today.

As I write this blog, those of you who may continue to read me will find a hodge-podge of ideas from a variety of disciplines. I am moderately educated as a person and have been exposed to a fairly broad set of notions and authors represented within a liberal arts education. I am an expert at nothing, not even teaching, and as many of you know from reading my comments over at Steve's, I can sometimes get my facts confused. ;^) Alas, such is the weakness of right-brained people like me.

What stirs me most and frequently is how to articulate the deep things of living life in the Spirit of God. God here identified as the Eternal Father, revealed by the Son who left the comforts of His divine place with the Father to have His earthly flesh sacrificed for humanity; Jesus' purpose was and is to reveal the Father and to restore communion between Himself and His creation; Jesus experienced literal resurrection and ascension into heaven, immediately intertwining the realities of the natural, physical existence of humans with the Spiritual realm of the Father and thus precipitated the entrance into this Wild Wood of His Spirit.

Beyond the above, you will find very little heart within me to argue about "doctrines". In fact, let's demystify that word here and now. didaskalia from the Greek=teaching. Doctrines are little more than what someone teaches from the text. These may be either right or wrong from the Father's perspective, and that perspective alone is what matters to me. Folks who insist their "teaching" is the correct one are often so ill-tempered as to clearly reveal they do not walk in the Spirit of Christ, and such is among the vagaries within the Wild Wood I want to explore. Why is that?

Finally, you will find me not attempting to teach here about how to divide the Word, though I intend to use the Word in this mental exercise. However, my perspective is intended to spring from the heart of me as a common man. I cannot separate my intellect from my functioning, but the intellect (here comes my first real opinion) is not the center of any one's existence; believing it is, is a serious deception which leads down very tangled paths within the Wood.


Ben said...

I'm looking forward to reading your opinions whatever they may be. Congrats on the new blog!

Kansas Bob said...

Welcome to blogdom David! Got here from Steve's place.

My unsolicited advice to you.. and to me as well.. is to keep posts somewhat brief, frequent and from the heart.. nothing can replace our real life stories.

ded said...

Thanks, Ben for dropping by.

ded said...

Thanks, kansas bob, for the advice. long is "somewhat brief?"

Craig V. said...

I have added you to my favorites and look forward to reading more. It's no small feat to be a common man.

ded said...

Hey CraigV!

Great to see you here. Thanks.
I am expecting you to sharpen my vision into many things, including the commonality of men, so please comment often.

Terry said...

You have come a long way in a very short time here in blogland.

I just read in USA Today that Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff and Human Services Secretary Leavitt have become 2 of the nearly 61 million internet bloggers.

I am not sure that I will ever read what they have to say...but one never knows.

They will certainly come after the Wild Wood.

Steve Sensenig said...

I misread Terry's comment at first, thinking that he meant that Homeland Security would "come after" you, as in "come to get you"!! hehe

ded said...

Hey Steve,

I saw that same chuckle.

Kansas Bob said...

how long is "somewhat brief?"

Alas, if you have to ask..


ded said...

kansas bob

I was afraid you would say something like that. I have been going to the principal's office for talking too much since third grade. Some things feel like our destiny.